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Wow. Just, wow. Where do I begin? First of all, I just love how you've portrayed my two main OCs into this deviation - it really makes ...



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A Rescue Story

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 7:46 PM

I’ve been meaning to share this amazing thing with everyone for some time now. My internet’s been crappy, so I haven’t had the chance to do so till now <w<

Okay, so, this happened just last week. I tend to stay up late, and it was almost three in the morning <w< Just as I was about to call it a night, I look outside the living room window to see a dog from across the street running about with no leash on or anything. I thought to myself for a moment saying, “Eh, couldn’t hurt to bring him in and keep him in the kennel. The vet can pick him up in the morning.” So I grabbed a leash and a flashlight before heading out.

The dog was already gone. Of course he was. But then from a distance I could hear another dog barking its head off. It sounded distressed, as if it were calling for help. So, I bum rushed it to the lagoon where the source of the barking was coming from. The barking was right under me, and it wasn’t until I looked under the concrete opening that I found a dog trapped in the lagoon. I figured that he'd fallen in through the ice. You heard me right, this dog was trapped in a frozen lagoon. He was surrounded by broken ice and freezing water.

I’ve seen a lot of movies and shit, but to see an actual dog fighting to stay above the water…It was unbelievable. I snapped myself out of it and immediately focused everything into getting this dog out of the lagoon before he drowned. My first thought was to jump in and save him, but I stopped myself and thought “It wouldn’t help the dog if I were to be stuck like him.” So instead I get down on my stomach and try to reach for him. I thought that I would be able to grab him by his collar and pull him out. But I couldn’t even reach the top of his head. The gap between us was too big.

The dog started whining as it continued to fight above the freezing lake. Every single cry struck more than a few cords in my heart. I couldn’t help but feel awful not knowing how bad he was hurting. I looked around and cried for help, practically screaming my head off. Nothing. Of course there was nothing. It was the middle of the night without so much as another soul to be seen in a distance. Looking back at it now, I should’ve taken my iPhone with me before I left the house.

But even if I had my phone to call 911, chances are they wouldn’t have gotten there in time, cuz the dog was just about to go under. I became hysterical with every passing second. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself had I failed to save the dog right in front of me and was counting on me to help him. I made my way to the shore, which was even further away from the dog than I was with the concrete. Reaching for him from above and calling for help had failed.

My next idea was to walk on the ice and get close enough to pull the dog out. The ice however couldn't even support the weight of my left foot. Of course it didn't. If it couldn't support the weight of a dog, it sure as hell wouldn't support me. I couldn't get close enough to reach him, I couldn't call for help, and I couldn't walk on the ice. That idea of jumping into the lagoon to save the dog looked like the only viable option. But when I stopped to look at the broken ice, that's when it finally hit me.

I'll break the ice with my feet! Just enough so that the dog could swim towards me. Sure enough once I broke just enough of the ice between him and me, the dog came to me, just close enough for me to finally pull him out of there. I got the dog out of the lake at last, and out of all of it I only got my feet soaked in bone chilling salt water. Looking back at it now, I should've put my boots on instead of my sneakers <w<

Nonetheless, I now had the soaking wet dog in my arms, and my next priority was to get him inside and warm him up before he froze to death. He was a German Shepard, and a heavy fucker at that. I practically tore the muscles in both my arms just getting him to my house, which was just a five minute walk from the lagoon. I got him to the house in less than two.

I got him inside and used the leash to tie him to the laundry room door as I bum rushed it to my mother's room and woke her up, telling her that I needed her help. I filled in her on the basics, that I had found a dog in the lagoon and got him out and now need to warm him up. I was about to start a warm bath for the dog, but mom stopped me, telling me that was a bad idea and that I should get all of our old blankets and towels.

Whilst mom showed the dog to the kitchen, I brought in the blankets and towels and immediately draped all of them over the poor fellow. We opened and preheated the oven so that it would act as a personal heater. As this went on, both Otto and Belle woke up and were wondering what all the commotion was about. Otto especially was upset to see a fellow canine on the verge of freezing to death and wouldn't leave the mutt's side. He even laid down next to him to offer extra warmth.

Once the dog had finally stopped shivering, mom and I got some food and water into his gut. Whilst the dog was eating, Otto wouldn't stop licking my face. I guess it was his way of saying "Thank you for saving my brethren!" The dog himself was very chipper afterwards, almost as if the whole situation with him trapped in the lagoon never happened. I took him outside to do his business, and when I brought him back in, he was playing with Belle and Otto like crazy.

It was now four 'o clock AM, and the vet wouldn't be open for another four hours. So, mom and I kept an eye on our guest and decided to name him "Buddy" just so we had something to call him other than "the dog." Within those four hours, I just kept Buddy occupied. He and I played fetch, and I gave him one of Otto's old toys to play tug-of-war with. Fast forward to the vet now being open, mom called for Buddy to be picked up. But for whatever reason, they didn't have anyone to come and do so.

So instead I took a cab to the vet, keeping Otto's old toy in front of Buddy's face so he didn't act out. We got to the vet, and I told the veterinarians the whole story. They told me how grateful they were, and that they knew the dog and his owners. Turns out the dog's real name was Banjo. Who'd have thought. :/

So I bid my farewells to little Banjo, letting him keep Otto's old chew toy, and I made my way back home to get some rest after such an experience…..But not without stopping to get a couple of personal pan pizzas at the deli. Saving a dog from drowning or freezing to death is hungry work <w<

For anyone that’s interested, I took a photo of Banjo. Feel free to click on it down below to see it in full view.

Saving Banjo by KurGuardianz

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