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September 1, 2012
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If you are quite fond of anthropomorphic animals and mythological or imaginary creatures that possess human capabilities, and you have a great sum of a few Ulysses S. Grants, then you should turn to none other than the qualified Playfurry for both.

Alan Campos, A.K.A. Playfurry, is a born to be artist of Furries: animals with human resemblance, and I'm glad to have him as a friend. He isn't at all like the typical artist of furry that makes tons of sonic fan art, simple portraits of existing furries, or even make nothing but smut out of his work. Alan Campos is beyond that, and he certainly has a lot to show for it with his unique style of artwork.

"What makes his artwork so unique?" you ask me? Like any good artist out there, Alan's style of artwork is unique because it's his own, and no one could ever do it like he can. The thing about Alan's style, is that he can take any non-existing anthropoid and turn it into something with length and depth. Lucario, Mew, Mew II, Bagi, Fiskerton, whatever it is, Alan can transform them into an example of fully developed three-dimensional figures that generally make the fandom of Furry, he is that good.

Alan not only works on portraits of Furries, but he can also make portraits of full-fledged human beings just the same. There are also these transmutation pieces Alan creates to explore the furry side in everyone, that have ordinary human beings transforming into other furries such as wolves or foxes. It's like "Animorphs ", except more explicitly comical with the awkward facial expressions, and is a creative take on with the whole spiritual and fursona aspects of Furry Fandom. Hats off to Alan Campos for such a fitting idea.

Not only is Alan an excellent Furry artist, but he is also a people person. Wether he is busy or not, Alan Campos is open for conversations, and is always a joy to talk with. And rather than just see you as a customer to take your money and send you your commission all finished some days later, Alan Campos is open for interpretation and takes the time to know exactly what it is that you want for your commission. Whatever descriptive details you include, he lets it sync into that creative mind of his to which he does the sketching, lining, coloring, shading, and adds the finishing touches that goes to your money's worth.

Even if you tell him that you're a patient guy and that he shouldn't rush it, Alan Campos doesn't take much advantage of such an opportunity and is determined to focus on the task given to him, to which he gets the job done in record timing while still keeping up the qualifications on what it is he loves doing so much.

Visit either of his accounts here on DA, add him to your watch and/or friend list, send him a llama badge, or consider ordering a commission from him. You can also visit his account on Furaffinity to see more of his work, or you can go to his blog spot to which you can send him a small generous donation.…

Whichever you choose, please help Support Playfurry, the new Dr. Comet of our decade.
Support *playfurry~

*playfurry [link]
*alanscampos [link]
alanscampos furaffinity [link]
playfurry blogspot [link]
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Shockwave86 Nov 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'll support him!^^
Shockwave86 Nov 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome.^^
Yes he is indeed Very Talented, Thank you for mentioning him. now I have yet another person I would love to Commish and stalk. (:
it is certain that he knows how to draw furries and yes i have to admit that is the new doctor comet of our time I'm really impressed with his artwork :nod:
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